Lin-Manuel Miranda May Lead In the Heights Movie, Says

Lin-Manuel Miranda, one thinks immediately to, hamilton. Its something he could most certainly do, but its likely a stretch. Now You See. Star Trek Into Darkness, Paramount is getting ready to prep a third. This work, he wrote in college. He clearly has personal weight in the project and a bond with Miranda, and one of the biggest questions is whether or not Miranda will appear in the film version. Chu did a very solid job on Retaliation but its apples and oranges when compared to Star Trek. And then, I was like, Im going to go into movies! The challenge that we have been talking a lot about is that it has to be elevated to a level of who he is now. A chance to direct the third. Rupert Wyatt rise of the Planet of the Apes ) as the next likely choice. CHU:  Yeah.

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What is clear is that Chu is taking the task seriously and wants to have a good reason to have Miranda in the movie beyond simple star-wattage. I come from a family of immigrants. For the most part, however, Miranda is known mostly for. CHU:  Yes, and Ive watched those movies and been frustrated, and Ive been excited when it works really well. Image via PBS, image via PBS. But, its been great. CHU:  Its interesting. Heres what he had to say: Youve met with Lin-Manuel Miranda about making the. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in support of his homeland of Puerto Rico. Image via PBS, related Content. Hamilton, and for good reason. That idea of that weight on your shoulders from your family and what they are giving to you, and the sacrifices they made to give you the opportunities that you have. Image via Disney, its not hard to see why Chu would think this time is when the immigrant story needs more defending and expression than ever, what with the current Republican candidate insisting we need to build a wall across Mexico. All of that is so important, and the story moved me in that way. In The Heights movie, right?

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You want to live up to Lin. Chu took time to weigh in on this question as well. Ashley Edward Miller and, zack Stentz are rumored to be helping on the script, which will also be written. Star Trek would be very serious with a complicated story, grounded performances and way more visual effects. Star Trek would likely take precedence over any of those films. Its good to know that Chu is considering this while taking on arguably one of the most anticipated big-studio productions currently in the works beyond the world of Marvel, DC, and the sprawl of other franchises.

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