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The Men's Grass dancers with their striking outfits covered with long, colourful fringes follow. The arena director is also responsible for organizing any ceremonies that may be required during the pow-wow, such as when an eagle feather is dropped. Couples dances include the two step and owl dance.

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The modern day Pow Wow bases itself on the fundamental values common to Native Americans throughout North America: honor, respect, tradition, and generosity. The host drums are often called upon to sing special songs during the pow-wow. There are special songs sung for traditional and fancy dance, as well as different styles of dancing, such as the. At an Intertribal pow-wow generally two or more drums are hired to be the host drums, often a Host Northern Drum and a Host Southern Drum. Gift-giving and generosity were integral aspects of these early festivities, as they still are today. The arena director is the man in charge during the pow-wow, and the rest of the head staff reports to him. Pow Wows today are is a gathering of North American First Nations people who join in dancing, singing, visiting old friends and making new friends. The committee is responsible to recruit and hire the head staff, publicize the pow-wow, secure a location, and recruit vendors who pay for the right to set up and sell at the pow-wow. Eton POW 160.2 Compression, Audio System M 165 EVO. Similar dances are the trot dance, called a crow hop when performed by a northern drum or a horse stealing song by a southern drum, and the round dance or side step. As other communities and tribes were invited to these celebrations, rights of ownership of sacred items necessary to the Grass Dance were formally transferred from one tribe to another.

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The pow-wow committee consists of a number of individuals who do all the planning prior to the event. The Women's Jingle dancers follow, originally from the Objibwa Nation. Unlike other dances, the gourd dance is normally performed with the drum in the center of the dance arena, not on the side. Their twirling rapid dance steps compliment the flaring shawls. Raise to power, returns base raised to the power exponent : baseexponent, header tgmath. Each of these songs have a different step to be used during them, but are open for dancers of any style. Major pow-wows or pow-wows called for a special occasion can be up to one week long.

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