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We think that each governing body should be encouraged to work at a pace which it finds appropriate to its particular situation. What is of interest are the failings which the Commission's Assistant Commissioners found when they investigated the government of individual schools. I would like to place on record our most sincere thanks to the secretariat and the assessors for their help and advice given so readily.

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We have noted that the difficulties of the William Tyndale Junior School were exacerbated by the confusion about the respective roles of the LEA, the managers, the head teacher and the local inspectorate; William Tyndale Junior and Infant Schools. There were eight authorities which limited governing bodies to making proposals for special expenditure and gave them no say in the preparation of estimates. Some of these also received aid from the local education authority. They say nothing whatsoever about what the authority can or should do when consulted. There are also other factors, such as the prior commitments of LEA advisers and senior officers, local transport problems and the availability of accommodation for meetings, which will need to be taken into account. Page 163 dread' need overwhelm him. Keeping the education provided under continuous review and making periodic appraisals of the school's progress towards its goals and aims;. Since it is of contemporary interest extracts from it are reproduced here. And to pay or assist in paying the fees of students at schools or colleges or hostels within or without that area'. 25 (26th January, 1945) To Local Education Authorities for Higher Education and (for information) to Local Education Authorities for Elementary Education ministry OF education Instruments, Articles of Government and Rules of Management. We also wish to draw particular attention to the governors' role in respect of teaching methods, school timetables, and school discipline. The responsibility for dismissing a teacher should rest solely with the local education authority which could take into account any views expressed by the governors as necessary.

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In any case it was by then becoming increasingly clear that more fundamental measures were required if the country's educational needs were to be met. They did not, of course, think that the same instruments or articles would necessarily be suitable for all types of schools but they did believe that the principles they advocated should apply to maintained no less than to aided schools. Details as to these matters should be contained in the Article, which can also comprise provisions for the employment of Assistant Masters or Mistresses on probation. Secondly the fall in the birth rate. Mr Chuter Ede while accepting the conclusion of the majority was unimpressed by either its arguments or those of the minority (67). It does not follow that the local education authority and its officers should make, or be concerned in, or even know about every decision made in the school. Provision for secondary schools to have governing bodies was essential when secondary education became a responsibility of local education authorities after the Education Act 1902, because schools which came under local education authority control then received grants directly. Page 52 to the local education authority, the governing body and the head teacher respectively. In submitting their reports to the local education authority the governing body should specify any items which they would wish to be withheld in the event of publication. The only question of any substance concerned the relative advantages of central and local clerking. In such an area the school may be the main focal point for local community activities, whereas in a large urban district the community interest might well come from a wider area than that served by the school.

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