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Chancellor Prince Schneizel is seen as the friendly civilized face of the Britannian Empire. He has a lovely smile. Unfortunately, her first assignment as a master involves spying on one of her friends for their teacher and she quickly finds that her new rank is pushing both Terra and Ventus away from her; also, as smart. A Song of Ice and Fire Robert Baratheon is remembered as a handsome, virile warrior but he degenerated physically and morally after becoming king. Jul 25, 2018 Podcast tiff Long Take -. Calm, polite and sweet to those who don't know him and stubborn, obsessive and totally insecure boy to those who are close to him (mainly, one person). The legendary Uchiha clan head, Madara Uchiha another one Broken Ace. / WHO slayed AN evil ocean / WHO cast THE lich king down! Gadgeteer Genius whose talents with shield technology surpasses even the Echani (who invented them).

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Traumatized by war, unable to stay in a romantic relationship, he eventually killed himself. At the end of the episode Nick realizes he's not going to be able to save the life a 7 year old kid, (who likely couldn't have been saved because sometimes that's the reality of medicine and health. Even by ffvii standards, Vincent Valentine is a mess. Beautiful, one of the greatest fighters in the galaxy, a legend in her own lifetime. The Godfather Don Vito Corleone is a fearsome, wise and respected crime lord but in his final days expresses his regret to his son Michael that he couldn't turn the family legit. But at the same time he's a self-destructive drug addict who can't measure up to his Aloof Big Brother, seems to have something of an Inferiority Superiority Complex and has a very co-dependent on his best/only.

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He's one of the youngest Jaeger pilots and has the highest Kaiju kill count in history. John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis is undeniably a Colonel Badass and Ace Pilot who's not afraid to kick some ass in order to defend the city of Atlantis. His naturally heroic inclinations also give him a natural charisma that inspires others around him to better themselves. There's nothing I can. However, with enough pressure, this facade of perfection can vealing a young woman who's horribly neurotic, unstable and melodramatic due to having to live up to her parents' constant attention and enormously high standards, as well as dangerously out of reality. Until Jenry Mejia of the Mets, A-Rod was the first and only person to get multiple PED suspensions in the MLB.

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