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Postdoctoral Fellow, Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge,. Associate Professor, Department of Department of Tumor Biology, The University of Texas.D. Cell Mol Neurobiol, 2012. Wang, Hongmin, Chadaram,., Norton,., Lewis, R, Boyum, J, Trumble, W, Sanes,., and Laskowski,. Mol Cell 36(1 131-40, 2009. Dong, G, Gross, K, Qiao, F, Ferguson, J, Callegari,., Rezvani, K, Zhang, D, Gloeckner,., Ueffing, M, and Wang, Hongmin. Annals of New York Acad Sci, 2003. Foxos modulate proteasome activity in human induced pluripotent stem cells of Huntington's disease and their derived neural cells. Search for steady emission of 10-TeV gamma rays from the Crab Nebula, Cygnus X-3, and Hercules X-1 using the Tibet air shower array. Journal of Neurochemistry, 2012. Interacts with mutant Huntingtin and suppresses its cytotoxicity in Cell culture, 1279-89. Exp Cell Res, 2007.


Rome: Cell death and Disease/Nature publishing group, 2014. Presented at the Annual Cell Biology Meeting, Denver,. Nuclear localization of EGF receptor and its potential new role as a transcription factor. Its light and refreshing taste offers perfect pre-course to an evening of sake, sushi, and conversation. Presented at the Annual Neuroscience Meeting, Washington. Lee DF, Kuo HP, Chen CT, Hsu JM, Chou CK, Wei Y, Sun HL, Li LY, Ping B, Huang WC, He X, Hung JY, Lai CC, Ding Q, Su JL, Yang JY, Sahin AA, Hortobagyi GN, Tsai FJ, Tsai CH, Hung. Nat Cell Biol 8(12 1359-68, 2006. Mass spectrometric identification of novel posttranslational modification sites in Huntingtin (2012 2060-4. Yang JY, Zong CS, Xia W, Yamaguchi H, Ding Q, Xie X, Lang JY, Lai CC, Chang CJ, Huang WC, Huang H, Kuo HP, Lee DF, Li LY, Lien HC, Cheng X, Chang KJ, Hsiao CD, Tsai. Ubiquilin protects cells against oxidative stress and ischemic stroke caused injury in mice.

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The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2018. Epub 2014 Jan. Grants: Role of ubiquilin-1 in ischemic stroke, NIH. Liu,., Lü,., Hettinger,. (November 2011) 414. J Alzheimer's Dis., 2017. Modeling pathogenesis of Huntington's disease using patient-derived iPS cells, NIH. Akt-mediated phosphorylation of EZH2 suppresses methylation of lysine 27 in histone. Cancer Cell 6(5 459-469, 2004. Hum Mol Genet, 2006. Presented at the Annual Neuroscience Meeting, San Diego,. Presented at the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2014 Scientific Sessions: Pathway to Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Las Vegas,. Journal of Cancer, 2015. Department of Molecular and Cellular Oncology, Division of Science.

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