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Becoming the Boss / Harvard Business Review. Minimal Enclosing Parallelepiped. Three Elucidations of the Ricardo Effect. The Brookings Institution and Santa Fe Institute. Indianapolis: Liberty Classics, 1924). Global Climate Change: The Science, Economics and Politics. Santa Monica: Rand Corporation. Macroeconomic Analysis and Stabilization Policy. L.: Routledge Kegan Paul. Inventor Moral Hazard in University Licensing: The Role of Contracts. An Evolutionary Approach to Norms / The American Political Science Review. Newell.G., Pizer.A. Of Income and Wealth.

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Time is on my Side: Optimism in Intertemporal Choice / Acta Psychologica. Van der, Noortwijk.M. Linear Decision Rules for Economic Stabilization and Growth / The Quarterly. Mean Field Games and Applications to Economics. Auburn: Mises Institute, 1998). Network technologies and creative development of students. The Maintenance of Capital / Economica. Time and Space in Economics. The Santa Fe Institute. Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. The Bank of England Quarterly Model. Laning.H., Battin.H. Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics. The Historical Market for Technology Licenses: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Electrical Engineering in Imperial Germany.

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(2010 Obligation Norm Identification in Agent Societies /. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. How to Best Ensure Remuneration for Creators in the Market for Music? International Conference "Telecommunications for Education and Training". Appropriate Growth Policy: A Unifying Framework /. Iowa : Iowa State University, Department of Economics Ames. Macho-Stadler., Perez-Castrillo., Veugelers. (2002) Predicting Large US Commercial Bank Failures /. Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University. Of the European Econ. Social Norms and Community Enforcement / The Rev.

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