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Roles and Missions Before OIF, Iraqs National Monitoring Directorate (NMD) conducted an investigation into the MiG-21 RPV program to prepare a response to unmovic. This review included evaluations of the entire missile production system. A missile with this range would be able to reach targets in Iran and Israel from within Iraqs borders. It was there that Sablin began to doubt the validity of the existing system. Imad Abd-al-Latif Al Rida. Imads primary motivation for developing the RPV-30a was to surpass the performance of Ibn-Firnas Al Musayara-20, which had flown a 500-km circuit in June 2002. By the end of the 1990s, as was the case prior to Desert Storm, Iraq had the ability to design and build many of the necessary systems for an SSM with the exception of complete liquid-propellant rocket engines and guidance and control systems.

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Our analysis concluded that such a large diameter is not appropriate or justified for missiles with ranges less than 150. The Al Yamamah project consisted of three designs, the Al Yamamah 2, Al Yamamah 3, and Al Yamamah. Although uncorroborated, this story is similar to the well-documented Iraqi plan to use the Al Musayara-20 UAV as a flying bomb. The document was signed by several department heads within the Al Samud program and included a statement that the machines intended use was for the production of Al Samud rocket engine covers. Iraq relied on foreign suppliers for production-related machinery for use in its Al Samud programs. The information is related to contract number eight which is between Al Milad General Company of Baghdad and Infinity DOO of Belgrade, FRY concerning guidance and control equipment. Husayn Kamil held a competitive design review between. Ibn-Firnas successfully developed the Al Musayara-20 UAV as a battlefield reconnaissance UAV, which was sold to the Iraqi Army and Republican Guard in 2002. Warhead The Al Ubur SAM was designed to carry a fragmentation warhead weighing 176 to 180.

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The use of inert warheads in the early test flights may account for the relatively low number of warheads (79) produced from 2000 to 2002. Guidance and Control The unguided Al Fath used simple aft stabilization fins. Work on this program ceased and the only retained documentation consisted of range calculations for the missile at various launch angles. A former high-ranking official in Iraqs ballistic missile program stated that, in 1999, Al Karamah signed a contract worth.6 million with a Russian company for Al Samud airframe production, assembly, and testing. Other program officials from Al Rashid included Abd-al-Baqi Rashid Shia Al Tai (DG of Al Rashid) and Brigadier Engineer Maruf Mahmud Salim Al Jalabi (DG of Al Fath General Company). ISG has been unable to confirm if the specified items were delivered. Top of page L-29 RPV (Al Bayah) Background Following the failure of the MiG-21 RPV program in 1991, Iraqs Military Research and Development Center (mrdc) in 1995 began a program call Al Bayah to modify the Czech L-29 trainer aircraft into an RPV. Documentary evidence reveals that Iraq received all of its Scud missiles deliveries from the Soviet Union.

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