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Txt" on Windows (if C: is the current drive). . Incrementally deflate data deflate_init, initialize an incremental deflate context gzclose, close an open gz-file pointer gzcompress, compress a string gzdecode, decodes a gzip compressed string gzdeflate, deflate a string gzencode, create a gzip compressed string gzeof. The need in news information processing appears only once at the beginning of trading, so, in this case, we can use a script to solve the problem. FileWrite The function is intended to write the information to the csv-file, the separator is placed automatically between the information. Content of working file. Ouput_compression for all sites in i, my solution was to enable it in apache conf (.htaccess should work as well) with the line: php_flag zlib. FileWriteInteger The function writes the integer number value in the binary file. The data of the "double "int" types is automatically transformed to the string (the data of "color "datetime" and "bool" types is considered as the integer numbers of the "int" type and transformed to the string, as well the. FileWriteArray The function writes the array to the binary file. No more than 32 files can be opened simultaneously within an executable module (of an applicable program,.g., an Expert Advisor). FileReadString Function string FileReadString(int handle, int length0) The function reads the line from the current position of the file. Lets examine a variant of working file creation using MQL4. Variety of entries in working files. The previously opened file is closed in block 8-9 after the problem is solved, namely all the necessary objects are created. Output_compression On" in your i file, and activates output buffering (ob_start don't output this header : header Content-Length: '.ob_get_length This is because ob_get_length will return the uncompressed size while zlib will compress the output.

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EOF ) printf( "c x fclose( file This program is fairly short, but it incorporates the full version of main and even performs a useful function. In this case, the file can be created by an application program and used by it as an information receiver. In other cases, there is a need to deliver some information, for example, the news timetable, to an application. While composing an algorithm for file reading. This function read, compress and writhe only small chunks at one time, this way you can compress big files without memory problems.?php function gzip(src, level 5, dst false) if(dst false) dst src.".gz if(file_exists(src) filesize filesize(src src_handle fopen(src, "r if(!file_exists(dst) dst_handle gzopen(dst, "wlevel while(!feof(src_handle). Parameters: filename - name of the file; mode - the mode of file opening; it can have the following values (or their combinations file_BIN, file_CSV, file_read, file_write; delimiter - the separator sign for csv-files. / int start / Spec. If the writing in the file fails then the file will be closed by the FileClose function after the message is displayed to the user, and the start function finishes its working.

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FileClose Function void FileClose(int handle) The function performs closing of a file that was previously opened by the FileOpen function. File_1 representation in different programs ( File_v ). Output_compression_level 5 I just tried this and achieved 10x and 15x speed inprovement on some mature php pages. . Quiz yourself, previous: Typecasting, next: Linked Lists, back to C Tutorial Index. If the operation failed then the start function ends working after the user has received the message. Function FileOpen int FileOpen(string filename, int mode, int delimiter. 149 will be created after the EA execution is finished. At the same time, every window will contain the solid red line that represent the events that concern this specific symbol, and the dotted lines that represent the vents concerning the other symbols' events. FileSize The function returns the size of the file in bytes. If not, then the graphical objects will be formed via two read values further in the cycle. V file contains five entries corresponding to five events (news) in the mentioned example (fig.

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