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[email protected] 0R40 J1NK Wobbu-Sweat 5 Atk 1*24K4 ffcc SSY8 @SY C2T4 X9 Wobbu-Card 3 f 1*8PC TX0 66YN Wobbuffet HT- FFK6 6M# Endure Rock 5 Atk 3 f 2*P084 6TK 44C# 31P0 6J7Q @3 Suffer Scarf Absorbs damage from. Foe 09T TPF# -F#H Physical D Brine Move inflicts damage on the target. K6 K2FY MPT T66 HM53 CKS Hunger Seed Lowers max Belly. Lunar Ribbon Eevee into Umbreon 060Y R12T T 2hingling into Chimecho (2* IQ) 9FHF 3 Magmarizer Magmar into Magmortar "LC" 6SN# Y4R7 X1#9 RW3 Y#53 XP#K Metal Coat Scyther into Scizor "LC" JTN @K4T 63W5 Onix into Steelix "LC". Mistral P8WN H6Y 1-3T * Pokmon 7 f Pokmon 15F (Key) C128 PM# @2SK Grass Dust Grass-type 7 Def Grass-type Optional [email protected] K1M9 M5P * Pokmon 7 f Pokmon mission 6HMT 34Y SM Grass Gem Grass-type Boost MovementGrass-type. SKP1 X0 6-7N @S4 FKJ6 4T Blue Gummi Raises. (Special) 8416 TN0 @KT1 T Reflect Gives the user Reflect status, -/Pf./22/ -1XNN 11C# 8KM Psychic/Stat. Kecleon @07- [email protected] 7TP stalls in thnh 9RY 2K dungeon.

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You don't need to have these items in the Treasure Bag for them to activate, just have them in storage with Kangaskhan is enough. You can have more than one item for the same Pokmon, but they have to be different. For sale by the green gecko, and TMs, Orbs and Keys by the purple one. 3 9 YFW 44PT [email protected] 4K QRQ8 Laugh Dust Raises the chances of finding boxes 3*-5CP 5RSY 1C8R egg after defeating enemies. Sometimes they appear as rewards for some missions in the Job or Outlaw boards.

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3W3 W#W 31YC Luxray Claw 5 Atk 1* 54 QY61 0HCM N6R4 CH5 J7YM Luxray Fang 5 k 1*[email protected] [email protected] 72Q Luxray TN 9Q5Y 2Q Glare Tag 5 Atk 5 k 2*T 6 292 N-5F T0P fpxr #FXM Glare Sash Absorbs. Wide Slash Inflicts damage on enemies on the 3 20/ 88/10/ 8KFJ8 H06 CX7 None/Physicaltiles in front of the user - 3 tiles user 1T7 9K1Y Q 89 T diagonally and directly in front. MCN- FC# 8SSM [email protected] YC#6 Y1F Royal Gummi Raises. May 20/ 78/10/ 8-9N C-6Q K-4N Steel/Phys. CY2W 31 T @P5 /Deep Miracle Sea B3F (Key Makes the Pokmon bounce moves that Ho-Oh Rainbow Veil cause status problems back at the 3*N4#8 #C5Q WPF# attacker. Mistral T- T WFW 4-NT sometimes. 3*4F5Y 996 -MCW egg /Obtain by WM mission/ May afflict attacking enemies with X6C fnmy 2700 Darkrai Eclipse Robe Nightmare status condition. 3.-How does Secret Slab/Mystery Part work? [email protected] N2#X KK4 0 H #6 Y0J Purple Gummi Raises. PJ7X @K86 2K Sneasel Claw 5 Atk 1*9SN XC2 XF0M KY 2KS9 KR3M Sneasel Card 3 f 1*SYQ# TQ9M 36K4 Sneasel Q4KP JY 7 [email protected] Dusk Jewel 5 Atk 3 f 2*M7R Q451 6N0 6TW 148W @H0T Cruel Ring Prevents Infatuated status. 3*4C [email protected] N /Zero Isle West B17F (Key May increase Movement Speed by 1 MWM 7H6Y 1N T Latios Eon Veil level when attacked. There are 28 types of these stones: From A to Z?

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