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It wasnt the first time the lawyer had tried to bring a foreign ally to the states. Thats when a few Afghan villagers appeared before him. Milward Simpson: "I delivered the commencement speech at her graduation." "I was the entire graduating class." Guest Sam Levenson: Earlier the panel were given a sixth-grade quiz ( 6/24/63 a fifth-grade quiz ( 6/22/64 and a fourth-grade quiz. Now is not the time to think about Pashtunwali, he told him. This is the most rigorous review on the face of the planet, Johnson says. A member of Afghan security forces in February surveys the aftermath of a suicide attack in Kunar, a province riven with attacksb by Taliban supporters.

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Allies stranded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even with all the security of America, I had to go home. The Americans were in a deadly bind.

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